What's liquidifty?

Liquidifty is an NFT Ecosystem for Gamers and Games
Dashboard, Analytics, Marketplace, Launchpad, and Store. All in one solution for newbies and experienced NFT Gamers. Complete ecosystem.
Liquidifty was founded in mid of 2021 with the mission of building NFT infrastructure for BNB Chain and got support from the Binance team. Since then we have launched new products and connected Ethereum and Polygon, and now we are expanding to support Immutable X, Aptos, SUI, Wax, Solana, and other chains.
Our goal is to become No.1 Portal for NFT Gaming by the end of 2023 and to provide 3 billion gamers around the world with the advantages of decentralization by making a safe environment to play, communicate, explore, and exchange.
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