Among the problems of web3 gaming we think the most important are:

  • Low quality games and a lot of scams
    Usually P2E game is just a pyramid without an exciting gameplay
  • It's hard to choose a game within a limited budget
    There are a lot of different games, blockchains, and communities
  • Lack of mass adoption
    There is no onboarding in games. Most of them are pay- to-start, no demo, or freemium modes
  • Most of the games fake their statistics
    It's not clear how to analyze data and find a popular game with a working economy
  • There is no social platform for gamers
    Where they can choose a game, track their achievements, ROI, and portfolio, communicate with like-minded people, and exchange gaming items
  • NFT marketplaces aren't designed for gamers
    There are no specific features, hard to exchange items from different games and chains, also it’s challenging to estimate a real value of game assets
Our mission is to provide 3 billion gamers around the world with the advantages of decentralization by making a safe environment to play, communicate, explore and exchange

Liquidifty Analytics

A platform for experienced NFT gamers, beginners and guilds: analytics of existing games, the ability to buy or exchange items from any game, unique launches and drops.
  • True analytics: no fake statistics and bots
  • Mass adopted: easy to find a game and understand how to start playing
  • Smart money: follow the most experienced gamers
  • User reviews: get help from trusted users who really play the game

Liquidifty Marketplace

One of the best NFT marketplaces on the market: all NFT collections available without additional integrations, instant processing of blockchain transactions, integration with multiple blockchains, great UI/UX designed for Gamers
  • Multichain support: ETH, BNB, Polygon are already live. Immutable X, Aptos, SUI, Wax, Solana, and other chains are in progress
  • NFT Portfolio: trade any NFT from supported chains, no need in additional collections and NFTs integrations
  • Designed for Gamers: swaps, bundles, renting, escrow, and other specific features
  • Any currency: support of any in-game coins and tokens

Liquidifty Dashboard

A dashboard for Gamers where they can track their ROI, portfolio, and achievements, find recommendations, and share their success with friends
  • ROI and Portfolio: track your personal ROI in all of your games, manage and estimate your whole NFT portfolio
  • Recommendations: get recommendations on how to increase the ROI, swap or sell items, and ofcourse about new games and opportunities
  • Share your results: open up your public profile for your friends, participate in ratings and competitions
  • Achievements: receive rewards for your gaming activity

Liquidifty Store

No-code solution which allows games to create their own store, mint NFTs or a collection, create a well-designed storefront, and receive any currency as a payment method in just a few minutes. Shopify in the NFT world.
  • Create NFT: mint your ERC 1155 or ERC 721 NFTs
  • Create collection: create and distribute your own collection with no code needed
  • Storefront: set up a beautiful custom webpage exclusively for your game
  • Secondary market: dedicated marketplace page for your project with custom comissions and royalties

Liquidifty Launchpad

An IDO and INO platform with easy access for users and careful review and selection of projects by the Liquidifty team.
  • INO: boost your NFT sale with Liquidifty
  • IDO: launch your game currency and start accepting it as a payment method
  • Marketing support: Liquidifty can dedicate a professional marketing team to help promote the projects
  • Community-driven: our goal is to transfer a governance and moderating of the launchpad to our community