We are building the product for NFT traders, collectors and fans to provide the best service, supporting all chains. Our roadmap is: 2021 Q2–Q3:
✅ Fully functional NFT marketplace on BSC;
✅ Artists support programs and activities;
✅ Collectors competitions;
☑️ Special generative AR NFT Product;
☑️ NFT bridge between different chains and BSC;
☑️ Loans under the NFT collateral;
☑️ NFT multi-ownership
2021 Q4 – 2022 Q1:
☑️ Multi-chain NFT exchange and price oracles;
☑️ NFT vaults/index.
We are the lean driving team and the roadmap could be modified according to the NFT and crypto environment that is changing rapidly. Our focus is to build a product that people really use.
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